Rock Solid Safety and Health Award Program


2017 Calendar Year: Rock Solid Safety Award Entry Packet

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Rock Solid Safety Award Winners 2016



Reward safety and health excellence among IAAP members who work in the aggregates industry. 


The IAAP should officially recognize members who set high safety and health standards in the conduct of their operations thereby encouraging our industry to employ recognized systems and methods to prevent injuries or illnesses. 

How it Works

The Safety Committee devised a set of criteria needed for a successful safety program.  Based on these pre-defined criteria, an operator applying for the IAAP safety award is awarded points for documenting safety and health activities that meet these criteria. 

An applicant’s point total determines the award level: Bronze, Silver, Gold. In addition, the Safety Committee identified criteria that would qualify for a special award – Rock Solid Excellence in Safety.

One (1) Point Each 

  • Compliance with Approved Training Plan

  • Provide Safety Equipment for Employees

  • Procedure for Pre-shift Inspection and Follow-up on Mobile Equipment

  • Hazard Communication Program

  • Daily Work Area Inspections

  • Effective Hearing Conservation Program

  • Written Substance Abuse Policy

  • Near Miss Reporting

Two (2) Points Each 

  • Written Safety and Health Policy and Program

  • Involvement of Hourly Employees in Safety and Health Program

  • Systematic Investigation of all Work Injury and Property Damage Incidents

  • Written Contractor Safety Policy

  • Conduct Personal Exposure Sampling for Respirable Dust (or diesel particulate matter at an underground mine) and Noise

  • Written Emergency Procedures and Management Plan

  • Regularly Scheduled Safety Meetings

Five (5) Points Each 

  • Conducted a Comprehensive Safety & Health Inspection (Non-MSHA)

  • Performed a Safety & Health System Review

  • No MSHA reportable or OSHA recordable accidents or injuries for the calendar year

  • MSHA VPID less than the national average

Award Categories:

  • Bronze: 14-21 points

  • Silver: 22-29 points

  • Gold: 30-37 points

  • Rock Solid Excellence in Safety: If your operation achieves the Gold level of award using 7 points from the 1-point category, 15 points from the 5-point category, and experienced:

    • Zero MSHA reportable/OSHA recordable injuries or illnesses

    • Zero final MSHA elevated actions (citations/orders other than 104a violations) or OSHA citation for a Serious violation.
      Note: If an elevated action is contested and upheld, the calendar year in which it is finalized (not the year it was issued) would disqualify that facility for the Rock Solid Excellence in Safety.

    • MSHA Rate of Violations Per Inspection Day (VPID) less than the national average for your type of operation. (Not applicable to contractors or OSHA sites.)

A panel of impartial judges reviews all complete entries. The panel includes safety professionals from the IAAP Safety & Health Committee.  

To be successful, at least two (2) judges must agree on the merits of the entry. 


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